1. #styledbyshellbcheri // alicia




    {photos by Ashley}

    Style Session Notes:
    Alicia @ River City Chic
     became a friend of mine when I met her at an event and we ended up breaking the ice on the dance floor. (Making new friends by dancing the night away to Britney Spears tunes is a method I highly recommend.) It’s extra fun to style a friend because then it really is like playing dress up in the closet. And in this case, it was playing dress up with my lady friend who

  2. #styledbyshellbcheri // carmen



    DSC_0017 2

    {photos by Ashley}

    Style Session Notes:
    Carmen @ Compact Closet represents some important firsts for me. She’s the first person I met at the first DC blogger event I attended last year. She was also the very first blogger I styled for this project all the way back in February. Therefore it seemed fitting to have her lead the pack in this series. The trouble item she chose for this project was a gorgeous Ann Taylor lace top. My initial thought was to try it tucked into a pencil skirt, but it just didn’t look right and it didn’t feel like the Carmen I know & love. In the end, I thought the top would look better with a pair of pants and would also stay true to her decidedly classic aesthetic. These teal pencil pants added a splash of color and I loved the pattern play that the striped blazer gave  to the lace top. The end result was a beautiful mixture of texture & patterns. The finishing touch? A vintage Gucci clutch that once belonged to her mother. Because Carmen was the first blogger I styled for this project, I admit that I was feeling apprehensive. Could I actually style all of these super stylish women? But after seeing Carmen in an outfit that was so…HER & that she so obviously loved, I felt confident that I would be able to do the same thing for everyone else. For that reason alone, I am super sentimental about this entire look and style session.

    Describe your style in 3 words: Classic. Approachable. Real.
    What clothing designer would you love to be buried in? Oscar de la Renta. Something very glamorous, but he’s not over the top. It’s very old Hollywood.
    If you could pick any celebrity style bff, who would you pick & why? Kate Middleton. She is the ultimate repeat rockstar. She can wear a fancy princess thing but she’ll also get an item at Zara and wear it multiple times.
    What is your guilty pleasure item? Knee High Boots.
    What is a trend that you just cannot get behind? Early 90s fashion – floral denim & weird cutoff things.

    Style Soundbites:
    “I think that the ideal closet is a closet that everything you pull out of it is an item that you love. That’s the ideal to strive for. I’m not there yet but slowly getting there.”

    “Para lucir hay que sufrir. My grandmother used to say it. To shine one must suffer!”

    Check out Carmen’s blog post about the #styledbyshellbcheri experience!

  3. #styledbyshellbcheri // group photos



    DSC_0035-2 (1)
    DSC_0062 2
    Erin Elle Waverly Elle Meaghan Rachel Alissa Natalie Tammy Carmen Trish Alicia Krystin Vivi

    Official Photography by Ashley // Behind-the-Scenes Photography by Julien & Rosa

    These are the official group photos from the DC style blogger shoot, all shot by my favorite Ashley. The concept of the entire shoot is that every blogger was styled and photographed in a “trouble item” she selected from her closet. It could be a piece that they’d previously worn or never worn, but it had to be something she was having problems incorporating into her wardrobe. Using that trouble item as the starting point, I styled the entire outfit using the clothing from her existing closet.

    Speaking of Ashley, woman is soooooo good, eh? When I told her the idea I had for this shoot she immediately agreed to photograph it. There is no doubt in my mind this crazy talented woman was my secret weapon. Right up above you’ll see that I’ve included the links to each participating blogger’s post, so if you haven’t had a chance to read about their experience, please do! I’ve also included the direct links to the blog posts that all three photographers we had on set wrote about the experience. Happy browsing on this Monday morning my friends. You don’t have work to do at your job, right?

    Also, if you’ve been following along with this entire series then you know that we shot all the photos at Malmaison. I want to gush about them for a moment because the staff was absolutely incredible to us. They allowed us to take over the terrace section of the restaurant and were gracious hosts to us the entire 6 hours we were there. After the shoot wrapped they gave us a private table so we could eat brunch together. The food was amazing, the coffee is insanely good and the service was top notch. I literally can’t say enough great things about them. This shoot wouldn’t have been nearly as beautiful without such a wonderful host venue.

    Beginning tomorrow I’m going to start featuring each blogger individually and give some details about the trouble piece they selected and the style session I had with them! Hope you’re enjoying Ashley’s photography, because there’s lots more on the way! xoxo.